Friday, 30 December 2011


A couple of exercises I did in painting class. The first is a repetition exercise with I used a transfer for (the owls) .The second is a collage exercise where I combined magazine cut-outs, a crumpled piece of paper with paint patterns printed on it and the same transfer technique as the first one.
This transfer required a photocopy of a drawing/sketch I did, which was then placed face-down onto sticky-tape and water was used to peel away the paper, leaving the imprint of the drawing on the sticky-tape.

Monday, 26 December 2011


Above are a couple of paintings that I did with the use of a (rather surrealist) technique that Max Ernst used. This involved printing a textured surface onto paper with wet paint. As a result, strange patterns would appear on the page, which in turn gave me an idea on what my composition would consist. For these two paintings, I saw eccentric creatures and used a bold, black outline to emphasise their bizzare forms.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


I used ink and water colour to create this character drawing. The work is on A3-sized cartridge paper.

Book Project

This is a work which I created as a part of the brief for the Simple Design Projects and Exhibitions class. We were required to create a work that was influenced by a book of our choice. The beginnings of the work must include a book, but the final product could be anything we wanted. In my case, I had chosen a book entitled "A Seperate Peace" (see right) and I used the cover design of a tree growing out of a man as inspiration for these tree creatures I have here.  

I used fineliner, water and water colour to produce this work. The bleeding effect with the fineliner for this work had inspired me to create some of my own drawings in that similar sort of manner (which I have previously posted). Each individual drawing is mounted on a white foam board (roughly around A2).