Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Here are a couple of pen drawings I have done in my spare time. The first, the typical owl character which is often present throughout my drawings (in a cloak). I have used an ordinary ball point pen for this drawing . The second is a new character, which I have scarcely used in my works. I have predominately used fineliner for this drawing, mainly to enhance the dark, bold outlines.

This new character is a cockerel, who represents overwhelming vanity and pride. His character (as well as appearance) contrasts greatly with the humble fear owl. I hope to feature him in future works.


Here are a couple of works which both contain a text-like scrawl, similar to that of Cy Twombly. This was for an assignment which involved incorporating text into a painting.
I used a grattage (wipe back) technique for both works; One with a black under painting in acrylic, the other with a multicoloured under painting. These works were then painted over with a coat of oil paint. Whilst the oil paint was still wet, I used a painting knife to scratch into the paint, which reveals the colours of the under painting.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Installation work

As a part of the brief for the Promote The Business class, the Second year students were all required to create a conceptual work from the theme of hidden or personal thoughts. These works were then exhibited to a show (also hosted by us Second years) entitled "Hidden Thoughts". This show was held in the NMIT A Space in the Preston campus.

The work I created, entitled "The Domination Of Imagination" expresses the concept of how one's imagination or fantasy world can interfer with reality. The tentacles are depicted as breaking from an object representing fantasy (the painting) as a solid form, in the real world for all to see. For the construction process, I used wire, acrylic paint and paper mache.


Some landscapes taken in my spare time mainly exhibiting the silhouettes and haunted scenery which best appeals to me. Apologises for the poor resolution. These were taken at the spur of the moment when I didn't have access to a good camera to capture these ominous skies.


Here are a couple of landscape paintings which I have done, based on some photographs from the Abbotsford Convent excursion. As you can tell, the weather wasn't exactly ideal for painting...But fortunately these grey skies and bold silhouettes go very well with my dark style.