Friday, 27 July 2012


As initially proposed for my personal project in painting, I have been exploring with silhouetted landscapes. However, rather just portraying the background as a silhouette, I started experimenting with making the whole composition as a simplified collection of silhouettes, much like the cut-outs of contemporary artists Sally Smart and Kara Walker. In the works above, I followed two different ideas: To either allow the over coat of paint to overlap with the previously stenciled figure (which at first was unintentional, yet it does create a mysterious, misty effect), or to keep the edges clear and sharp to further dramatise the scene. Both ways still emphasise the suspenseful, unnerving mood, which such ambiguous figures create whilst cast in shadow. 

If you are familiar with my other works, or this blog, you may recognise the snake chracter with his top hat and the fear owls in the tree, despite their appearances being more simplified and obscured as silhouettes.

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