Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Here is a drawing which was done at my leisure. The top photo is the original image, whilst the one below is the same image which has been edited in photoshop. The drawing was initally drawn in fineliner and water colour was added to further darken the mood. To finalise the image, I made a few changes to the tone in photoshop and added a filter, known as the "Fresco" effect. This enhances the detail and sharpens the dark lines of the main owl figure and even makes the image more striking aesthetically.

As for the subject matter, I had incorporated one of my owl creatures with a human character, which I do not commonly do in my works. When I do use this idea, I tend to make the bird creature smaller than the human. Since I hadn't really used this concept often in my works, I decided to draw the reverse (by making the human smaller and less-significant than the owl). This in turn has made a slightly more thought-provoking image, which is something that I am rather satisfied with.

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