Saturday, 26 January 2013


This is another one of my character drawings created during my leisure. However, I have taken a new approach to the execution of this image by using ink instead of water colour and pen. I have used a wider brush to focus more on the contours of the figure itself, whilst the heavy use of water has created a bleeding effect which gives the work a wavering, melancholic mood. Where the ink has mostly been applied on the paper, the water has expanded it, creating what appears to be several different shades of grey. The edges of the line, as a result appear fuzzy and blurred. The fuzzy effect has also made the work appear more startling and expressive as opposed to the simplistic, graphic line drawings I have done previously.

This is quite an interesting effect which I have not usually explored with in my works, however it is quite limiting to the amount of control I can have over the work. Yet this could still be an effective method for my more spontaneous, improvised drawings.

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