Saturday, 26 January 2013


Above is another character drawing done in ball point pen. This is one of my owl characters, yet I have decided to add more realistic elements, such as the claws of the feet and the detail of the feathers. It is quite a transition from my previous fear owl, yet I felt that this approach is a more refined one. I had started to draw my owl creatures like this after I was heavily inspired by drawing more detailed owls during print making class when creating the owl book. But opposed to my previous owl drawings, this one has a more interesting and less-childlike style. I hope to still continue drawing my owls in this way, although I am currently looking for ways to improve my previous owl creatures so that they are not completely different from their original design.

I have also put more thought in the composition by deciding to focus on an aerial, diagnonal view instead of a flat horizon. I feel that this approach is a more dynamic one as it allows the viewer's eye to first be guided to the character and then to travel around the rest of the composition, thus generally being a more engaging work in general.

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