Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Above are a couple more character drawings. I have used ink for both, which have been drawn on 300gsm water colour paper. The top image is the more refined cockeral creature I had previously drawn and discussed here. In comparison to my previous designs of this creature, I have focussed more on the detail of the feathers of the bird. Different shades of the ink are painted and diluted in order to create a sombre and tonal appearance. However, there is less freedom to enhance such fine detail with a wet medium like ink, compared to fineliner or pen.   

In contrast to the first drawing, the second is a snake creature which has been expressed in a more fluid and spontaneous manner. An underdrawing was not created prior to the application of the ink. I have used a lot more water to create a washed background, along with bolder forms, which are indicated by the heavy strokes of ink (which is especially shown on the ground). As a result, the ink flows towards the wetter areas of the paper, creating quite a surreal and multi-tonal effect.  Also unlike the top drawing, I have not done any modifications to my snake character (which I have featured in many of my compositions).