Thursday, 12 December 2013


Above is a drawing which I had done a while ago. I had used a combination of fineliner, water colour and ink. Fineliner was mainly used for the details as well as the general outline, while water colour and ink was used for the colour and tone. While ink was particularly useful for blending and creating depth, water colour was ideal for adding some emphasis on certain areas of the art work, despite using a minimal palette. While this has shades of brown and grey, I had used a light blue to create some contrast as well as variety in the composition.

As for the general subject matter, I had been very much inspired by the Germanic/Bavarian culture and had based the landscape from the iconic Marienplatz, which is located in Munich. This place is particularly popular for tourists who come to celebrate the renowned Oktoberfest celebration. The man within the drawing is in fact wearing the traditional Lederhosen that a number of the Bavarians wear during the Oktoberfest. I had also drawn this picture around the time of the celebration this year.

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