Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Lately I have been rather interested in politics, so as above I have been making some sketches of politicians. From top to bottom is Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher and Barack Obama. With these drawings, I have been exploring with a gradation of tone. This is especially evident with the Nixon sketch, where there are prominent dark areas which gradually fade out closer to the edges. Perhaps an improvement with these would be to be less rough with the backgrounds, or even taking it further and using charcoal or ink. However, such mediums may be difficult to have control over, especially with images that demand attention and detail. Yet, for someone who is not used to drawing realism or portraiture, I feel that this is a reasonable attempt.


This was just a sketch that I had done recently entirely out of ballpoint pen. This was a spontaneous sketch, which did not have a greylead under drawing unlike most of my other works in this medium.  In this work, I had mainly intended on focussing on details and pattern. This is mostly evident in the repetition of geometric forms on the costume of the character as well as the prominent diagonal lines. In the background, I had also used a repetitive style of shading, going over the areas that were meant to be in shadow. I plan to do more more works in this particular style in the future.